Friday, July 15, 2011

Final Project - Grateful for Modern Medicine

Life can always be hard, but sometimes we begin ours with secrets that surface unexpectedly.  My life has changed a lot in the last three years because of amazing new surgical advancements.  If it was 200 years ago, I would have most likely been rolled off the trail.  This is the story of how my hip condition saved my heart...

A congenital hip problem kept me looking at the mountain
 instead of hiking it with my family.

I finally found the right doctor.

Before double hip replacement                             

Dr. Mariani and Portia

Wait! Something's still wrong—my hips work
but I still can't exercise without gasping.

I never expected I'd also need part of my heart replaced
(that's my defunct aortic valve, not a tortellini)

Finally—I can hit the trail.

Thank you Dr. Mariani...

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Assignment #5.5 - Portraiture BONUS

This is a portraiture of Wally Sailing.  He comes to the Provo 4th of July Freedom Festival.
He will give demonstrations on how to use the old roll press.  They were doing a demo of how to take hand made paper and press the Constitution.  Very interesting trip to the past.

Wally Sailing

Assignment #5 - Portraiture

This particular assignment was one of my favorite assignments.  I was able to take shots of people I didn't know and explore a little bit about they where and what they were all about.  I did spend some time with my father-in-law, who has Alzheimers.  The human factor was what interested me.

Don Allman

Art Nifong

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Assignment #4 - Color Theory

The color theory pictures were taken at different times to get a different perspective on light.  Lighting at different times of the day appear to make a big difference in the picture quality.  Lighting was early morning, late morning, and late afternoon.  I have been trying to figure out the white balance from shooting indoors and outdoors.




Saturday, June 11, 2011

Assignment #3

High-Key and Low-Key Bracketing assignment helped me to understand light and using the camera settings.  Interesting, the camera chooses a picture different than what I would pick.

High-Key Camera Choice

High-Key Touched Up

Low-Key Camera Pick
Low-Key Touched Up

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Assignment #2.5

Here are the original and modified pics for our sharpening exercise.  Much better!



Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Assignent #2 - 0-99 Pics!

This first real assignment made me start messing with the camera settings.  Since we are shooting in black and white, I started to think more about texture and shape more.  Getting the light right is definitely going to take some time to get used to.  I seem to have trouble getting the picture sharp, so I assume I need to use a tripod, or a flash!  OR we need to adjust the other setting we discussed in class.  Either way, practice practice practice.  I got the family involved in trying to figure out how to get the 0-99 captured, which was a fun family experience.

4 - Fork
5 - Kaleb
20 - Toes
29 - Headstone
50 - Hand and BBall
88 - Shoes
99 - Hair Stuff